The special big bag from Portex Holland is made for storage and transportation of hazardous substances, like:

  • Allergens
  • Pesticide
  • Wood dust
  • Explosive substances
  • Flammable substances
  • Metals

Due to safety packaging, transportation and storage of asbestos and materials containing asbestos, Portex Holland produce these special asbestos bags and asbestos foil.

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Size 90 x 90 x 110cm
Material Polypropylene
Content 1m3
Fabric weight 180 gr/m
Number of lifting loops 4 corner loops of 30cm
Top Closed
Bottom Flat bottom
Safety working load 1.500kg
Single trip/multiple trip 5:1 (single trip)


The special big bag, also know as UN big bags are produced by following the european safety guidelines of UN-norms and ISO 21898. They are manufactured out of flat woven polypropylene. After the production the UN big bags are fully tested; the tension test is executed and the safety working load is being tested. Basically, the sustainability and safety of FIBC at maximum load is tested in various ways. Safety first!


To determine which special big bag is needed, it’s important that you posses a document of UN substances identificatie number. Depending on the clasification of hazardousness, you can choose from a wide range of UN certified models and types of big bags:

  • 13H1 | Big bags of coated polypropylene
  • 13H2 | Big bags of uncoated polypropylene
  • 13H3 | Big bags of uncoated polypropylene with plastic or aluminum liner (inner bag)
  • 13H4 | Big bags of uncoated polypropylene with plastic or aluminum liner (inner bag)


Portex Holland supplies also antistatic big bags, these are also called conductive big bags. Antistatic big bags are used in several situations where static discharge has to be prevented during the filling and discharging for example petrochemie. Static electricity can cause a shock and utmost lead to explosion of flammable vapours, substances or gases.

With the antistatic bags of Portex Holland in mind the precautions are necessary to ensure that all risks are excluded and the safety of you and your workers are guaranteed!

Choose from the following types antistatic big bags:

  • Type B | Type B big bag is produced out of antistatic uncoated polypropylene, with a maximum conductive tension of 6kV (kilovolt). Can be used for dry, flammable materials where there are no hazardous gases closeby.
  • Type C | Type C big bag is produced out of conductive woven and uncoated polypropylene; special designed to conduct electricity. The conductivity that is created due to the polypopylene fabric that is intertwine with electricity conductive thread’s. Type C big bags is used for flammable materials, in a environment with hazardous gases close by. These conductive big bag need to be grounding with the earthing loop before us!
  • Type D | Type D big bags is produced out of special antistatic uncoated polypropylene, where there is clearly permanent discharge involved. That means that every conductive tension without grounding can be dismantled: The so called ‘corona effect’. Type D big bags doesn’t require any kind of earthing or grounding.

For safety procedures, using the antistatic big bags on the spot, always observe precautions for handling!


Transporting hazardous substance? Use the special UN-big bags and/or antistatic special big bags from Portex Holland. Order fast and easy online or get in contact with one of our big bag experts.

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