4-loops big bag

The standard big bag is the 4-loops big bag </ b>, also known as: the cornerloop big bag. This standard big bag with (standard) open top, closed bottom and four lifting loops, is very suitable for transporting and storing various types of light and fine raw materials, waste materials and construction materials such as ornamental gravel, split, garden waste, firewood and wood pellets. Because of the four corner lifting loops stitched on the side seams, the big bag is easy to lift.

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Size 90 x 90 x 110cm
Material polypropylene
Content 1m3
Fabric weight 180 gr/m2
Number of lifting loops 4 corner loops of 30cm
Top Open
Bottom Flat bottom
Safety working load 1.500kg
Single trip/multiple trip 5:1 (single trip)


The name ‘saltbag’ doesn’t give this big bag any honor. The standard corner loop big bag is made of excellent quality, with a maximum safety working load of 1500kg, you absolutely can’t call it a ‘douchebag’.

The 4 corner loop big bag is known by many names FIBC, Q-bag, PP-bag, bulkbag, lifting bag, or jumbo bag, corner loop big bag, cross corner big bag and polypropylene big bag.

The 4 corner loop big bag is mainly used for transporting different types of sand and gravel, is UV-stabilized and meets all specifications that follows next:


The standard 4-corner big bag with corner loops is available directly from stock, which you will receive as soon as possible!Wilt u een corner loop big bag or cross corner loop big bag complete customized big bag in any required size? You can choose amongst:

  • 1 cubic big bags
  • 1/2 cubic big bags
  • 1/3 cubic big bags
  • Big bags for normal use
  • Big bags for heavy use
  • Big bags for a single trip or multiple trip (5:1 or 6:1)
  • Big bags coated of uncoated
  • Big bags with ventilating holes or dustproof
  • Big bags with open top
  • Big bags with filling skirt or filling spout
  • Big bags with discharge spout or flat bottom
  • Big bags with standard lifting loops or cross corner loop loops
  • Big bags for asbestos
  • Big bags U-panel, flatwoven or circlewoven
  • Big bags with or without PE-liner (pre-formed, voorgevormd, loose or glued)
  • Big bags printed and/or in color
  • Met PP-closure (band of cord), fast-closure (B-lock of fix lock) or Velcro closure
  • With or without logo or other (hazardous)icons
  • LDPE-bags voor waste, bulk or asbestos
  • Containerliners
  • Different fabric weight

*Items should arrive as quick as possible.

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