Ventilated big bag

Everyone that keeps them self busy with storing or transporting fruit and vegetables, knows that the optimal conditioning during the logistic trajectory is very important due to the quality of the product. Our ventilated big bags are woven in a certain way so that there can be airstripes or ventilation holes. This way the product is in touch with the right room temperature and atmosphere.

The ventilated big bags from Portex Holland are very useful to transport agricultural products and/or temporary storing. The right packaging is essential for a longer durability and quality!

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Size 90 x 90 x 110cm
Material Polypropylene
Content 1m3
Fabric weight 180 gr/m
Number of lifting loops 4 corner loops of 30cm
Top Open
Bottom Flat bottom
Safety working load 1.500kg
Single trip/multiple trip 5:1 (single trip)


The standard ventilated big bag with open top and flat bottom is within a week available from stock. The specifications you find next:

Are you looking for another size of big bag? Portex Holland supplies also customized big bags, you can choose from:

  • With filling- or discharge spout for different fill- discharge sytems
  • Standard (4-corner) and/or form stabile
  • Corner loop or cross corner loop
  • With PP-closure (band or cord), fast closure (B-lock or fix lock) or Velcro closure
  • Standard in white or PMS-color of your choice
  • Whit or without logo/text


The ventilated bags are used for many purposes such as patatos, fruit and vegetables processing industries (AFG). This is not a miracle, because of the ventilating fabric the product like unions, carrots and patatos is kept totally fresh!

The ventilated big bags are also used for transporting and storing:

  • Mussels
  • Nuts
  • Coal
  • Firewood
  • Kindling
  • Unions
  • Patatos

Ventilated big bags are (ofcourse) permeable, that’ll help the water drain when the product are standing outside.


Do you want to buy a standard size ventilated big bag, or customize your own big bag? Get in contact with us today, or simply order your big bag customized online with our big bag configurator tool.

Thinking about big bags? Think Portex Holland. Reliable, fast delivery, high quality and competitive prices!

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