1-loop big bag

The single loop big bag (also known as: pointbag, single pointbag, single loop, monobag, monoloop or one loop) is super strong! Available in different sizes with a capacity from 500kg – 1000kg and is fit for efficiënt packaging and handling goods as:

  • Granulate </ li>
  • Chemicals </ li>
  • Seeds </ li>
  • Animal nutrition </ li>
  • Hygroscopic products (eg. cement, fertilizer) </ li>
  • Powders </ li>
  • Minerals </ li>
  • Potting soil </ li>
  • Peat soil </ li>
  • Bark </ li>
    </ ul>

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single loop big bag customized

You can order this single loop big bag completely customized. Choose from:

  • Open top met of zonder vulslurf
  • With or without liner
  • With square or round bottom
  • With discharge spout
  • In color, printed or non-printed
  • With or without UN-typenumber

Cause of our long range of big bags products, we deliver to a hundred different companies throughout the food industry, waste & recycling industry, agriculture, mining, road building, (pharmaceutical) feed businesses.

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These bags with single loop are very useful for filling during the assembly line concerning fast filling. By means of semi- or full automatic big bag installations, the big bags will rapidly turn into the required final product. The point bags are also available with dual point loops


Our standard single loop big bag is made out of a single piece of fabric. Depending on the application of the products, we also can provide a polyethylene inner bag (PE-liner). So you know your products will stay dry.

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Safe packaging from high quality. The best prices and fast delivery! That’s were we stand for. Want to know more? Get in contact with us. We inform you with all pleasure about the advantages and providing knowhow when it comes to handling packaging in the most flexible, efficiënt and best way! All our big bags and asbestos bags are produced under the ISO 9001, EN-NEN-ISO 21898 and/or ISO 22000, BRC, HACCP, AIB standards, in ISO certified factories. This means that all our bags are made following specific requirements (like material type, construction and marking) to be able to supply a sustainable and high quality product. The big bags and asbestos bags of Portex Holland are also inspected by approved organisations like NEL, TNO, BPI, TÜV or Labordata.

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