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Coated Big Bags

Our coated big bags are mostly used in the food industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. In contrast to the regular big bags, which can be used for construction, these big bags are provided with a coating. This makes them extremely suitable for powders and fine substances like:

Talcum powder
Granulated sugar
Powdered sugar
Powder pigment

Order your coated or ongecoate big bag big bag with or without loading trunk, loading tire, unloading tire, unloading trunk or standard with an open top and closed bottom, complete in your colour and in the desired measurements. Order your [coated big bag online] now or [call or e-mail] one of our experienced employees.

Our standard coated big bag meets the following specifications:

Measurement:90 x 90 x 110 cm

Material:coated polypropylene


Cloth weight:180 gr/m2

Number of lifting slings:4 30 cm corner slings

Upper side:open

Bottom:flat closed bottom

Load capacity (SWL):1.500 kg

Single/multiple use:5:1 (single)

Do you have specific wishes? Do you want to order a different size? Let us know. Portex Holland is specialised in customised big bags: a good 90% of the big bags that leave our warehouse are customised.

Our coated shape stable big bags with dust proof seams are available with or without liner (inner pocket). With these bags you are guaranteed a dust proof handling, storage and transport or your resources! Do you want to be absolutely sure that your products remain free of moisture? Order a big bag met liner (plastic inner pocket).

The big bags can be stacked on each other, which means you will use your loading space optimally!

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