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Do you still store your raw materials in silos or containers? Did you know that big bags are a excellent and cheap alternative for the storage and transportation of varying raw materials, semi-manufactured materials and other (finished) products?

Big bags are uniquely suitable for the storage and transportation of:

Grain, flour, potatoes, fruit & vegetables

Fertilisers and other soil improvers

Animal feed
Plastic or stone granulate
rock meal like lava meal, Eifel lava and sea shell chalk
Metal ores


There is a reason big bags are being used more and more for transporting and carrying raw materials and products! The use of the coated big bags of Portex Holland for example, has practical as well as attractive financial benefits:

– Protection against moisture, oxygen and sunlight
– Prevents pollution, deterioration or the rotting of products

– No clogging of transport pipes, silos or containers by residuals

– Efficient and cost saving: you can fill every bag with a different raw material

– Ease of use: easy to handle

– Cheap alternative for (expensive) silos or containers


Our specific loading and unloading trunk big bags are suitable for all kinds of loading and unloading stations. For example you can vary cloth weight, number of lifting slings and measurements to your wishes.

Are you transporting raw materials or other unprocessed products like, minerals, water, coals or chalk? And do you want to know how much money you can save in the storage and transportation of those? Let uw know ! We would love to share thoughts with you for a customised solution. For an honest price!

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