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Construction big bags

Construction big bags are extremely suited for transporting and disposing of rubble, varying from a normal to heavy load.

The use of big bags in construction has a huge advantage compared to (expensive) waste containers, especially in and around the places that are difficult to reach. Storing and disposing of rubble and building waste is easy as pie with the big bags of Portex Holland!

Construction waste
The construction or demolition of a house or building produces the necessary construction or demolition waste, like:

– Concrete rubble
– Masonry debris
– Stone debris
– Carpet or floor coverings
– Wood waste
– Seashells from crawl spaces
– Rubber & plastic waste
– Paper
– Cardboard
– Iron
– Metal

Our bags are often used for gardening. For example for storing and carrying, wood chips, garden seeds, flower bulbs, tree trunks, potting soil, leaves, branches, pruning waste, grass, reeds, grass seeds and/or other garden waste.

What do you want to use the big bag for? We would love to give you a customised advice, depending your wishes. From FIBC's, PP-bags, corner loop, cross-corner loop, shape retaining big bags, mono bags, dual bags, container bags, container depot bags, with or without loading and unloading trunk, coated or uncoated, single or multiple use… anything you can think of.

Practically all variations and combinations are possible with Portex Holland!

Do you transport hazardous materials? At your request Portex Holland can supply your big bags with your logo and/or a UN-quality label and, depending on the hazard class of your items, with the necessary hazard icons. Take a look at our for hazardous materials for more information. 

Removing, packaging, transporting and storing waste with asbestos is bound by strict rules. Portex Holland has a vast collection of asbestos bags and asbestfoil > in stock for you. The asbestos bags are also available in many different variations, with the exception that the outer bag or foil is always clearly equipped with the asbestos logo. 

The cube bag, plate bag and containerbat for packaging and transporting asbestos waste are equipped with sealing flaps, drawstrings and strong lifting slings. Ideal to transport your asbestos safely!

Directly order your asbestos bags, asbestos foil or containment foil online.

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