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Big Bags Animal food

Goat food, horse food, cat food, chicken food, cow food… there is a big chance it is being transported with the big bags of Portex Holland! Portex Holland supplies big bags to different animal feeders and animal food companies in the Netherlands, as well as other places in Europe.


Our animal food big bags are universally GMP+ recognised and can be connected to practically any type of big bag loading and unloading station. Working with big bags in cattle food, pet food and fish food companies is hygienic, efficient and extremely cost saving compared to working with the usual silos. The feed stays fresh longer, which means it will reach the end user in an optimal state.

The animal food big bags are quick and efficient to transport:

– Shredded straw
– Crushed rapeseed straw
– Mixed food salt / cattle foodsalt
– Bovine feeders, meat feeders
– Coarse food, chunk food / biks
– Premixes & additives
– Grains and seeds for rodent food, bird and pigeon food

Do you want to transport larger cargos? Through a loading station or debulker the raw material can easily be unloaded from the big bags into silo trucks, tanks or containers.

The big bags of Portex Holland are of course GMP+ FSA certified. This means that the production of our big bags meets the highest requirements in the field of animal food safety. In this way the safety from the raw material supplier to the animal feeders, cattle food suppliers and animal food producers is guaranteed!

Do you want to store chunk food or other animal food safely? With the sealable animal feed big bags of Portex Holland retention of quality and safety of your cattle food, pet or fish food is guaranteed.

Want to know more? Ask one of our big bag specialists for more information or for a customised Customized food big bags. Portex Holland is your reliable packaging specialist, even in the animal food field!

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