Asbestbags and big bags
at Portex Holland


We are live! Launched with pride, Portex Holland big bags and asbestos bags specialist show they new website online. Behind the scene we worked hard to finish the project before 2017.


The website is brand new top to bottom. Next to the fresh, modern ‘look and feel’, is also the content, functionality and technicality improved.


A couple changes are made:


1-standaard-4-lus-big-bagsBig bags en asbestos bags

On this new website we created awareness among the different products: asbestos related products and big bags related products for construction industries. So if you are looking for a Cubic bag or in need of asbestos foil for safety way for packaging and transportation? Navigate by clicking on our homepage and directly to asbestos. For packaging and transportation of other materials (from construction materials to resources for the pharmaceutical industry) you click on big bags.


Order simple and fast your big bags online

With our brand renewed big bag configurator tool, you can put together your own personal big bag real fast! From measure to coating and type of load- unloadsystem. Fill in your information and receive a tailor made quotation within a 24 hours!


Clear pictures, specifications & drawings

A good online product presentation is a must these days. That’s why you find overview pictures, clear technical drawings every big bag type has a large specification.



 1-standaard-4-lus-big-bag-short standaard-4-lus-big-bag-losslurf-vulshort standaard-4-lus-big-bag-vulsslurf-losslurf standaard-4-lus-big-bag-vulslurf










Teampictures & contact info

We take pride in our company, so does the employers do in they work and that makes us proud on them to! On our new website we introduce all them heroes to you with class. You will find they contact info so that you can contact them directly.


Take a look on our brand new website! And… do you have any questions, complains or remarks? Let us know!

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