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Service and quality drives us. And: We do what we promise. To be able to ensure this high quality, Portex Holland exclusively works with experienced employees and certified suppliers.

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All our big bags and asbestos bags are produced under the ISO 9001, EN-NEN-ISO 21898 and/or ISO 22000, BRC, HACCP, AIB standards, in ISO certified factories. This means that all our bags are made following specific requirements (like material type, construction and marking) to be able to supply a sustainable and high quality product.

Approved inspections

The big bags and asbestos bags of Portex Holland are also inspected by approved organisations like NEL, TNO, BPI, TÜV or Labordata.


An ISO-certificate guarantees a thorough internal business operation, where extra attention goes to material use, sustainability, working conditions and the production process.

Portex Holland maintains a good relationship with our ISO-certified producers, which makes us a reliable partner for our customers, constantly keeps us moving with the market and our products meet the latest standards and requirements.


In the past asbestos was often used as construction material, because of the broad applicability. After all, it was hard wearing, fire resistant, isolating and cheap. Roofs, pipes, window sills… anything you can think of was made with asbestos in it. Now we know that prolonged exposure to asbestos fibers can lead to health issues and life threatening diseases. That is why more and more companies choose to have materials that have asbestos removed and replaced. Incidentally this is something that can exclusively be done by certified asbestos removing companies.



Portex Holland supplies UN-approved big bags. for the storage and transport of other dangerous substances. These special big bags are standard equipped with:

• Print of the hazard class pictogram & corresponding class number
• Type UN-bag
• Substance identification number (UN-number)


What danger class belongs to your product or hazardous substance?

What hazard class belongs to your product or hazardous substance? The substances are subdivided in numbers 1 through 9:

• 1 Explosive materials and objects
• 2 Gasses
• 3 Flammable liquids
• 4.1 Solid corrosive substances, self decomposing substances and solid explosive substances (in non-explosive state)
• 4.2 For spontaneously combustible substances
• 4.3 Substances that develop flammable gasses when in contact with water
• 5.1 Oxidising substances (oxygen carriers)
• 5.2 Organic peroxides (Thermally unstable)
• 6.1 Toxic substances (like pesticides and chloroform)
• 6.2 Infectious substances (like medical waste and hospital waste)
• 7 Radioactive substances
• 8 Corrosive substances
• 9 Other dangerous substances and

Do you want to know which big bag you need for your (hazardous) goods or substances? Keep the class and substance identification number on hand and contact us. Based on that we will determine what type of packaging is needed. We will gladly provide you with a fitting (and safe) advice!

In short, you are always guaranteed optimal safety and high quality for a sharp price with the big bags and asbestos bags of Portex Holland!

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